Digital Marketing

We offer the following digital marketing services: 

  • Digital marketing strategy

Social Media Management

  • Social Media profile setup
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google+ Business
  • Instagram
  • Social branded messaging
  • Web strategy integration
  • Reporting


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing (Pay per click)
  • Organic & Paid Search Engine campaigns to reach target market
  • Iterative Analysis & Reporting of website rankings

Audience Analytics

  • Create audience profiles
  • Pinpoint ideal target market
  • Analyse current audience on all digital platforms
  • Target ideal audience with paid advertising via social & web results
  • Analyse competitors audience

Content Marketing

  • Creating and sharing valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers — and customers into repeat buyers
  • Content creation for blogs, podcasts, and email autoresponders
  • Copywriting for: sales pages, ads, and direct mail.

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing strategy
  • Create lead magnets/ offers – grow subscribers
  • Website calls to action, subscription forms & pop-ups
  • Email newsletters
  • Email list maintenance – monitoring of readers engagement
  • Email marketing reports- review and analysis of performance

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