Why your business needs to prioritise online security

Online security is always a hot topic and for good reason - the average internet user does not fully understand the complexities of online security, which can lead to a lot of paranoia where threats are perceived as coming from everywhere. It's crucial to make your customers feel safe and reassured that their information is secure while interacting with your online platforms, from websites and shopping portals to applications.


We live in the age of information. As a result, personal information has been commoditised for an endless array of reasons. To protect the public and ensure their information is used fairly, and that companies are being transparent about how they use personal information, all South African businesses are required by law to comply with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. Loud Crowd Media has the knowledge and expertise to build systems that comply with the POPI Act so that you can be rest assured your business has the best interest of consumers at heart.

Safe E-commerce

Online shopping is a rapidly growing trend, but there is still some hesitancy to adapt. Many consumers still feel vulnerable giving payment details or overwhelmed by complex processes. We develop simple systems that integrate payment methods with the highest safety standards and make this clearly visible on the front end of your online platforms, giving customers peace of mind and helping you maximise sales.

Security Protocols

Browsing the internet can be treacherous, but we incorporate protocols that comply with international safety standards, making our websites extremely secure. One of the ways this is indicated is with a small "lock" icon in the browser search bar, which provides visible assurance that your site is trusted, secure and authentic. Our security standards will protect your valuable clients from scams, pop-ups and prying eyes. You can never be too cautious when ensuring the security and positive experience of your website visitors.

We've developed stunning websites for a variety of clientele each with unique business requirements. You can explore our work here. If you want to take your business online or improve your web presence.